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Book a private art lesson

art fundamentals with Kelli Ryan

private courses catered to your specific artistic  needs

What do these lessons include? 

During these private lessons you will be guided through classical, abstract and experimental painting techniques, while learning the foundational art elements of: 

  • Modeling with light and shadow 

  • Color Theory

  • Texture 

  • Space  

  • Proportion 

  • Line 

  • Composition 

  • Concept 

We will primarily work with oil and/or acrylic paint, though these above art elements can be used to enhance your photography, sculpture, collage, graphic design, video art and digital arts practice, as well as your experience painting in other media such as gauche or watercolor.  Essentially, not only will you learn the physical techniques of the medium but essentially how to see and visualy compose. 

About Kelli: 

Kelli is a former production manager / lead painter for Amy Sherald and former studio assistant for other major artist in the art world. Within the last year she has expanded her 20 years of fine art painting experience into a multi-disciplinary art practice. She's excited to pour into you a hearty visual arts tool kit for you to be able bring your own visions to fruition! Find out more about Kelli here

Who are these private lessons for? 

  • The total beginner painter who wants to learn technical painting skill 

  • The conceptual artist, process oriented painter, or untrained painter that wants to add some  technical skills to their tool kit as well as receive weekly critique on their current work.

  • Parents who would like formal art training for their kids 



In this 45 minute introduction lesson we will assess where you are creatively and discuss what you’d like to learn. This will be hands on, so be sure to bring at minimum a sketch book or paper, a pencil and color pencils with you. Not required, but feel free to bring a small acrylic paint set of primary colors (red, blue, yellow) and white. 



One Lesson: During 1 hr we will begin a painting that you will finish on your own time, based on the art elements and techniques you would like to learn. Directives and encouragment will be given as you paint. 



Four lessons: a course for learning the basic art fundamentals and beginning painting techniques. Acrylic or oil paint is recommended for this set of lessons. This package offers a reduced rate compared to the individual lesson rate. Each lesson is 1hr



Eight lessons: the most comprehensive course for learning art fundamentals, and beginning painting technique. Oil or acrylic paint is recommended for these lessons. This package offers a reduced rate compared to the individual lesson rate. Each lesson is 1hr.


Get 30 mins critique of your artwork in progress or finished pieces  (not only limited to painting).

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