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Sunbeam / Ephesians 6:10

“Sunbeam /Ephesians 6:10”  has taken Ryan's obsession with visual composition and color into a present-day video illustration of the “full armor of God” described in the scripture Ephesians 6:10-17. 

By recontextualizing the metaphorical “suit of armor” described by the Apostle Paul into contemporary  pedestrian clothing, Ryan aims to shed light on the importance of spiritually armoring up daily (in a fashion as common as putting on clothes everyday). The video presents a symbolic through-line of an individual’s progression from sorrow to victory and spiritual fortification as described in the Ephesians 6 scripture. At the core Ryan hopes to communicate the love of God for every person, as well as make scripture and spiritual themes more digestible and emotionally accessible through beauty and craft. 

Sunbeam has been accepted into the 2022 Engage Art Contest. Please feel free to vote for it here:

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